Econversations is a weekly informal gathering of Davidson students and faculty to talk about economic topics. The format is open,  the discussion is fluid, content is largely driven by the interests of participants, and intellectual debate is encouraged. Econversations was started by Prof. Shyam Gouri Suresh and Noah Bricker ('14) who wanted to continue economics discussions outside of the classroom and office hours. In Spring 2013, Econversations was featured in Davidson Journal.

Econversations meets every week outside Davis Café in the Alvarez Student Union from 3:50pm to 4:50pm.

Econversations has been an exciting part of Davidson life for many students. Participants from years past have some great things to say about their Econversations experience:

"Econversations was one of the best parts of my Davidson experience. The opportunity to engage with highly intelligent students and professors on the most vexing economic issues of our time is truly unique. It made me a better thinker, debater, and informed human being. It is the quintessential  liberal arts experience."--Noah Bricker ('14).

Noah Bricker '14
Noah is the Econversations student co-founder; his desire to expand classroom and office hours discussions helped bring the program to life. He is now in his third year working as a consultant for Deloitte and is currently choosing where to pursue his MBA.

During my senior year, Econversations served as an opportune way to openly discuss and critique intriguing ideas with my peers under the brilliant facilitation of Dr. Suresh. It was the sort of discussion that should probably follow any classroom lecture as it guaranteed a deeper understanding of economic theories. I enjoyed every second of it, and would highly recommend Econversations to anyone looking to engage in a productive dialogue on economic concepts and their application to current affairs.” -Jason Oteng-Nyame (’17)

Jason Oteng-Nyame '17
Jason graduated last year and went on to co-found Asili Labs, a technology consulting and software development company. Their recent project Tyrell took 1st place and the People’s Choice Award at the Will This Float? Pitch Competition.

Econversations is a great mid-week break from the craziness of a Davidson schedule. It provided an awesome opportunity to get together and chat about ways that economics comes into our every day lives. Now a Masters student at the London School of Economics, I get to apply those conversations every day in classes around foundations for sustainable development in countries around the world.” -Alyssa Bryan (’17)

Alyssa (Aly) Bryan '17
Alyssa, or Aly as she’s known to friends, graduated Davidson last year with a Smith Grant to pursue a one year masters at the London School of Economics. When she returns, she will begin working full time at McKinsey and Company.

The discussions I had with people during Econversations were not all that different from many I had on a daily basis at Davidson. Except that at Econversations I was never the only person at the table interested in having  them. I always found the conversation thoughtful and engaging as well  as unapologetic and rigorous. I came to really look forward to the informal weekly meetings and found that they not only got me energized about economics, but a myriad of different issues impacting our world today.” -Peter Donahue (’18)

Peter Donahue '17
Peter Donahue, who wishes to be referred to on the Econversations website solely as an “Economics Enthusiast.”

Econversations was a highlight of my Davidson experience. It deepened my knowledge of economics, helped me explore my passion for the subject, and provided an outlet for me to connect academic curiosity with real world topics. The only thing better than having the conversations was getting to spend time with the professors and students around the table. When I think about the best qualities of Davidson College, I can’t help but think about Econversations.” -Houston Downes (’18)

Houston Downes '18
Houston left Davidson in December, after finishing his degree a semester early, to move out to California and work full time at his tech start up, an up and coming social media platform called Pokadot. Pokadot is designed based on an "amazon for experiences" type of business model meant to make planning group activities exciting and efficient.